Golden Grail’s New Direction Towards Beverage Now Showcased on Website

November 22, 2021

Weston, FL – (November 22, 2021) –Golden Grail Technology (OTC: GOGY) has announced their redesign of the GoldenGrail website to reflect their new direction of the company. GoldenGrail is an evolving company with a strategic mission to advance a beverage portfolio comprised of already proven Ready-To-Drink brands.

The Companies focus will be on megatrends around healthier, ‘cleaner’, more sustainable, premium and socially responsible beverage brands. Golden Grail will continue to pursuespecific beverage segments, examining sales trends and new product introductions.

“In addition to a focus on meeting consumer demands with our RTD beverage portfolio we will be investing in our communication to our shareholders, investor community, trade and consumers. We are happy with the professionalism, diversity and message ournew website has,” said Steven Hoffman, CEO Golden Grail.

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