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About Golden Grail Beverages
Golden Grail Beverages is a rapidly expanding company committed to innovation, growth, and efficiency in its beverage portfolio. With a focus on sustainability and fiscal responsibility, we strive to set new standards in the beverage industry.
Our Mission
To innovate and grow sustainable beverage brands that enrich lives and contribute to a healthier planet. Golden Grail Technology Corp., now doing business as Golden Grail Beverages, was founded in 1985. Our strategic mission is to invest responsibly and develop our brands, ensuring they thrive in the market. We focus on partnering with brands with a strong sales history, a loyal consumer base, a retail presence, and a compelling value proposition. Our goal is to support these brands in reaching new levels of success.
One of our key initiatives is the acquisition of brands in emerging and growing beverage categories. By actively seeking these opportunities, we can expand our product offerings and stay at the forefront of industry trends.
Fiscal Management
We use a series of operational technologies to apply our business expertise, fiscal techniques, and various manufacturing processes to improve the economics and performance of each brand while advancing marketing and distribution. Our focus on fiscal management and the development of beverage brands allows us to optimize our financial resources and align our strategies with market demands. This approach enhances our product quality and attracts investment opportunities, making Golden Grail Beverages appealing to both the beverage industry and the investment community/shareholders.
Publicly Traded Company
Golden Grail Beverages is proud to be a publicly traded company (OTC: GOGY). This listing reflects our commitment to transparency, governance, and adherence to the highest standards of financial integrity.
Being publicly traded enhances our credibility in the beverage industry and instills confidence in our shareholders and potential investors. It offers a transparent view of our financial health and growth trajectory, making us an attractive investment opportunity.
Furthermore, this status provides us greater access to capital, facilitating our expansion and acquisition initiatives. Learn more about our stock information here.
Sustainability at Golden Grail
At Golden Grail, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of our commitment to reducing global plastic pollution, we have introduced a range of products that utilize aluminum cans, a recyclable and eco-friendly packaging solution. Our robust product offerings include the following:
  • Spider Energy Drink
  • Sway Energy Drink
  • Cause Water
  • KOZ Water
  • Trevi Fruit Essence Water
  • Tickle Water
  • Sketch Can for Tweens
  • Scorpion Energy Hemp/CBD
These products all contribute to reducing plastic waste, reflecting our dedication to environmental sustainability. Learn more about our sustainability efforts or explore our product range here.
Contact us to learn more about our products, investment opportunities, or sustainability initiatives.


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