Our Mission is to Advance a Beverage Portfolio of Already Proven Ready-To-Drink Brands

About Us

Golden Grail identifies and acquires brands within emerging beverage categories that need value-add new management. We utilize technology by applying expertise, techniques and fiscally responsible processes for the betterment of the economics of our bottom line. Our focus on marketing and distribution is top priority. Our beverage portfolio combines healthy functional beverages with financial responsibility. Golden Grail is a unique entity in the beverage industry.

Acquired Brands

Many manufacturers, including some of the market leaders, have taken a lateral growth approach by acquisitions of different consumption occasions. “One size fits all is no longer relevant.” Golden Grail’s portfolio includes already proven recognizable beverage brands within emerging and growing categories.

Spider Energy Drink

Energy is one of the most sought-after functional beverage benefits.

“Combined energy drink and energy shot sales now surpass $14 billion, with sales projected to reach $20 billion by 2024.” - Euromonitor International

Consumers say it's the best tasting energy drink and delivers sustained, long-lasting energy.

Fruit Essence Water

Flavored water has garnered a significant share of overall bottled water sales. Fruit Essence Water uses ingredients that are natural, sugar free, and in line with popular diet trends, such as keto, paleo, and Whole30.

"Fruit-essence water is a refreshing and delicious way of staying hydrated."

Next Emerging Brand

Megatrends around healthier and ‘cleaner’, more sustainable, premium and socially responsible.  Features that delve into specific beverage segments, examining sales trends and new product introductions.

We will continuously meet consumer demands with our RTD beverage portfolio.